River Axe Flooding


(This river and web site information should not be confused with the River Axe in Somerset.)

The River Axe is a river in Devon, Dorset and Somerset in the south-west of England. 

It is prone to flooding particuarly around Axminster and Whitford. It will occasionally overtop around Colyton but in Colyford itself it is more likely that the River Coly (a tributary of the Axe) causes flooding on the A3052 near The White Hart pub.

The River Coly joins the Axe in the Seaton Wetlands about 500 yards from Colyford.

In Colyton, near the tram station the River Coly is joined by The Umbourne Brook, meaning in times of high rainfall this becomes a fast flowing river. 

When the Axe is running the first place to flood is Whitford, although perversly this is not actually the river causing the problem more standing water in the road there between Whitford and Musbury. 

Between Colyford and Colyton is a small single track road called Cowhayne Lane which comes off the main A3052 near the tram crossing. This road tends to flood and also can be affected by high tides coming up the valley when the water trying to exit to the sea is backed up by the tide. If there is local flooding this road should be avoided at all costs as there are ditches either side of the road you will NOT see if there is surface water. 

The River Yarty joins the Axe just south of Axminster.

The River Axe runs very close to the main railway line in Axminster between there and Crewekerne and again this can cause flooding. The river and the railway tread almost the same path almost to Crewekerne.

Area covered

The area covered by the flood warnings is shown in the image below. It should be noted this is a guide to the flood AREA and does not mean there are or are not any current warnings in place.

Axe Valley Flood Area

A video showing some extreme flooding at Weycroft in 2012